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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
BNSF 3 Business Car M500 PABusinessF BNSF #000003 "Red River" (business car) [Pullman 1930] (ex-BNA #3, nee-GN)3
BNSF 4 Business Car M530 PS F MISSOURI RIVER, #800271, P-S, Lot #6952, Plan #7645, 1955, ex-BN #A6, nee-NP YAKIMA RIVER5
BNSF 7 Business Car M500 PA F5209SANTA FE, ex-ATSF 50, blt 1957 by Budd3
BNSF 10 Diner M520 PD F5442LAKE SUPERIOR, #800139, 40 seat diner, ex-BN #A26, exx-#1293 [not applied], exxx-#459, exxxx-NP, nee-48 seats, Budd, Lot #9624-2103
BNSF 11 Business Car M520 PDDinerF5442"Fred Harvey", ex-AT&SF #61, nee-#600 BNSF #000011 "Fred Harvey" (dining car) [Pullman-Standard 1950]5
BNSF 35 Passenger Car PA   BNSF #000035 "Canyon View" (lounge / meeting car)4
BNSF 35 Other/Not Listed     Air repeater car.1
BNSF 40 Passenger Car M500 PA   BNSF #000040 "Fox River" (hi capacity coach / lounge) [Pullman 1955] (ex-BNA #31, nee-SP)3
BNSF 41 Passenger Car M500 PA F "Flathead River" 800534 bi-level (hi capacity coach) [Pullman-Standard 1955] (ex-BNA #41, nee-SP)1
BNSF 41 Passenger Car M500 PA F Please use the other BNSF 41 selection4
BNSF 44 Passenger Car M500 PA   BNSF #000044 "Colorado River" (hi capacity coach) [Pullman 1955] (ex-BNA #40, nee-SP)3
BNSF 45 Passenger Car M500 PA   "Powder River" 800537 (hi capacity coach) [Pullman 1955] (ex-BNA #41, nee-SP)5
BNSF 51 Passenger Car M500 PA   "Mt Rainier" (ex-"Snoqualmie Pass") 800381 BNSF #000051 "Mt Rainier" (baggage / power car) [Pullman 1964] (ex-BNA #30 "Snoqualmie 4
BNSF 53 Passenger Car M500 PA   HEP car Mt. San Antonio, [Pullman-Standard 1964] ex-ATSF 88, nee-ATSF #3911 baggage-express5
BNSF 63 Passenger Car M500 PA   "Glorieta Pass" BNSF #000063 "Glorieta Pass" (crew sleeper) [Pullman year?][ex-AOE 800231 "Monte Carlo", exx-AEEX, exxx-8404 Corp.3
BNSF 67 Business Car M500 PASleeperF5464"Trinchera Pass" 800667 BNSF #000067 (executive sleeper) [ACF 1950] (ex-ATSF #67 "Donner Pass", nee-ATSF)3
BNSF 69 Business Car M530 PS   BNSF #000069 "Eagle Pass" (crew sleeper) [Pullman 1951] (ex-BNA #22 "Stevens Pass", nee- GN)4
BNSF 85 Business Car M500 PA F Track Geometry Car 80087540
BNSF 86 Passenger Car M500 PA   Track Measurement Car36
BNSF 90 Passenger Car M500 PA   ex-MRLX, exx-RF&P from group RF&P 801-06, blt 1946. 15
BNSF 786 Passenger Car M500 PA    1
BNSF 21325 MofW Equipment      9
BNSF 23602 MofW Equipment      1
BNSF 25298 Other/Not Listed      2
BNSF 98038 MofW Equipment     Freightliner Hi Rail Truck2
BNSF X0100245 MofW Equipment     Racine Anchor Spreader1
BNSF X0100783 MofW Equipment     Racine Anchor Remover1
BNSF X0100832 MofW Equipment     Racine? Dual Anchor Adjuster1
BNSF X0100833 MofW Equipment     Anchor Adjuster1
BNSF X0400693 MofW Equipment     Tie Cart (unknown mfr)1
BNSF J0400694 MofW Equipment     Tie Car (unknown mfr)1
BNSF J0400797 MofW Equipment     Budde Tie Cart BE TYC 400001
BNSF J0400807 MofW Equipment     Tie Cart (unknown mfr)1
BNSF J0400809 MofW Equipment     Budde BE FLC HY 20000 Hydraulic Cart1
BNSF J0400819 MofW Equipment     Budde Enterprises Plate Cart BE PC 100001
BNSF 402166 Covered Hopper C313 LO C4600 1
BNSF J0403039 MofW Equipment     Tool & Parts Cart?1
BNSF 468207 Covered Hopper      1
BNSF 468792 Covered Hopper C113 LO C4750 1
BNSF X0500087 MofW Equipment     Plasser American Dynamic Track Stabilizer (second half)1
BNSF 516555 Gondola E735 GBS C3276 1
BNSF 529367 Coil Steel Car E231 GBS C1200 2
BNSF 534354 Coil Steel Car E241 GBSR C1200Load Limit: 2362002
BNSF 534385 Coil Steel Car E241 GBSR C1200 1
BNSF 534545 Coil Steel Car E241 GBSR C1200 1
BNSF 538848 Coil Steel Car E642 GBSR C936 1
BNSF 555047 Open Hopper      1
BNSF X0600135 MofW Equipment     Kershaw Ballast Regulator1
BNSF X0600498 MofW Equipment     Kershaw Ballast Regulator1
BNSF X0600512 MofW Equipment     Kershaw Ballast Regulator1
BNSF 653546 Open Hopper K341 HTS B4300 1
BNSF 668302 Open Hopper J311 GT B4400 1
BNSF 745647 Box Car A632 XL E6368 1
BNSF 808655 Covered Hopper C113 LO C4700 5
BNSF 902746 Diffco Side Dump M120 MWD B1350Magor 50 cu yd Lt Wt 72300 Ld Lmt 1907001
BNSF 912472 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB    1
BNSF 912682 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB B2400 2
BNSF 912784 Ballast Hopper M110 MWB    1
BNSF 921007 MofW Equipment      3
BNSF 927072 MofW Equipment      2
BNSF 927249 Flat Car     89' MOW Flat1
BNSF 927351 Flat Car     89' MOW Flat1
BNSF 927352 Flat Car     89' MOW Flat1
BNSF 927353 Flat Car     89' MOW Flat1
BNSF 927357 Flat Car     89' MOW Flat1
BNSF 927409 Flat Car     89' MOW Flat1
BNSF 927455 Flat Car     89' MOW Flat1
BNSF 930500 Flat Car M150 MWF C  1
BNSF 933508 Tank Car M360 MWTK B Fuel Tender2
BNSF 933513 Tank Car M360 MWTK B Fuel Tender3
BNSF 933514 Tank Car M360 MWTK B Fuel Tender4
BNSF 938434 MofW Equipment     pile driver leed carrier4
BNSF 967179 Gondola M190 MWM C Load Limit: 1939005
BNSF X3800183 MofW Equipment     Racine Tie Plate Inserter1
BNSF X3800184 MofW Equipment      1
BNSF X3800187 MofW Equipment     Racine Tie Plate Inserter1
BNSF X4400356 MofW Equipment     Nordco Production Spike Driver1
BNSF X4400400 MofW Equipment     Spiker1
BNSF X4400445 MofW Equipment     Nordco Production Spike Driver1
BNSF X4400464 MofW Equipment     Nordco Production Spike Driver1
BNSF X4700514 MofW Equipment     Nordco Spike Puller1
BNSF X4700519 MofW Equipment     Nordco Spike Puller1
BNSF X5300087 MofW Equipment     Plasser American 08-16 NT Nipper Tamper1
BNSF X5300098 MofW Equipment     Harsco Drone Tamper DT2AJ21
BNSF X5300100 MofW Equipment     Harsco Drone Tamper DT-2A-J21
BNSF X5400477 MofW Equipment      30
BNSF X5400483 MofW Equipment     Harsco 6700 SJ2 Production Switch Tamper1
BNSF X6000294 MofW Equipment     L&H Tie Crane1
BNSF X6000299 MofW Equipment     L & H Tie Crane1
BNSF X6000303 MofW Equipment     L & H Tie Crane1
BNSF X6000313 MofW Equipment     L & H Tie Crane1
BNSF X6000347 MofW Equipment     NMC CMCE 312E Magnetic Crane1
BNSF X6300209 MofW Equipment     Nordco Tie Plate Remover1
BNSF X6300241 MofW Equipment     Nordco Tie Remover Inserter (TRIPP)1
BNSF X6300242 MofW Equipment     Nordco Tie Remover / Inserter1
BNSF 6300243 MofW Equipment     Nordco Tie Remover / Inserter1
BNSF X6300254 MofW Equipment     Nordco Tie Remover / Inserter1
BNSF X8600052 MofW Equipment     Plasser Dynamic Track Stabilizer3
BNSF X87000100 MofW Equipment     Spike / Rail Anchor Cart1

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