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Unit #  Type  AAR Type  AAR Class  Owner Class  Plate  Dry Cap  Notes  # Pictures
CSX  Box Car      1
CSX br MofW Equipment     ballast regulator8
CSX BR0529 MofW Equipment     Ballast Regulator7
CSX MTC00912 MofW Equipment      2
CSX MT5410 MofW Equipment     Harsco Mk IV Mechanical Tamper3
CSX 9474 Other/Not Listed M290 MWH   Remote Control Car1
CSX 160477 Box Car     Now used as a yard wall! (ex-SBD 160477)1
CSX 180477 Box Car A806 XP G10000ex-B&O 492609 [Load Limit: 148300]1
CSX 180551 Box Car A806 XP G10000ex-B&O 492684 [Load Limit: 150500]2
CSX 198216 Box Car M190 MWM C4972MOW store supply1
CSX 200106 MofW Equipment      1
CSX 200401 MofW Equipment      1
CSX BR200615 MofW Equipment      1
CSX 298021 Open Hopper K347 HTS F5300ex-CSXT 2960751
CSX 482390 Gondola E334 GBS B2000ex-P&LE 47272 (Bulkhead Gondola)1
CSX 491103 Gondola E835 GBS B3242 1
CSX 496979 Coil Steel Car E641 GBSR B2246ex-CSXT 702903 exx-B&O 367001 Blt 2-681
CSX 600514 Flat Car F421 FMS B ex-SBD 6005141
CSX 806344 Open Hopper H350 HT B3418ex-C&O 673292
CSX 910911 MofW Equipment     MOW store supply car. Former N&W.1
CSX 912269 MofW Equipment M150 MWF B ex-TTCX 95150 (MOW store supply car)1
CSX 915256 Gondola M100 MWG52PB2494ex-NYC/CR 588498 exx-PC 5775411
CSX 994008 Passenger Car M500 PA   Pullman SOU1041_CR24_CR8_CSX"Mississippi"1
CSX 994009 Passenger Car M500 PA   Pullman CN/VIA428 to CR23 to CR9 to CSX Massachussetts to Alabama, Observation Platform9
CSX 994011 Passenger Car M500 PA   4 Axle "Youngstown"1
CSX 994300 Business Car M530 PS B Office car North Carolina; Pullman blt 1915 sleeper, to ACL 300.1
CSX 994307 Passenger Car M500 PA   6 Axle, Office car Waycross; Pullman blt 1926 for FEC to C&O in 1943 to C&O RI-31
CSX 994315 Passenger Car M500 PA   Indiana, Lounge car; St Louis Car Co blt 1953 for USAX; to CSX in 19871
CSX 994317 Passenger Car M500 PA   Baltimore, office car; Pullmain blt 1924 for SAL.1
CSX 994319 Passenger Car M530 PS C Greenbrier1
CSX 994363 Passenger Car M500 PA   4 Axle; power/statesroom car Kentucky; Pullman blt 1946 to GN then L&N1
CSX 994500 Passenger Car M500 PA   "Ohio" Former C&O, ACL/SCL 5994, ATAX 594. NYSW 5071

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